Actress Shonka Dukureh 44 Made Her Film Debut With Blockbuster Elvis

Metropolitan Nashville police reported Doucure’s death on Twitter. She was found dead in the bedroom of the apartment she shared with her two children. Actress Shonka Dukureh, 44, who played Mama Thornton in this year’s Elvis movie, died today without any signs of foul play, according to authorities. Dukureh, a Fisker graduate, was found dead in the bedroom of the apartment she shared with her two young children on Kothe Way. One of Dukureh’s children found her unresponsive on the morning of Thursday, July 21, Tennessee reported. Then they ran to the neighbors for help. At 9:27 a.m., a neighbor called 911. The cause of death is not yet known.

Nashville Mayor John Cooper tweeted sympathy for Doucure’s family. “My sincere condolences to Shonka Dukureh’s family,” he wrote. Shonka earned her degree at @Fisk1866 and has lived in Nashville for a long time. We pay tribute to her on this tragic day and celebrate her outstanding voice and artistry through her songs. “Rest in peace, Shonka Dukureh, you are an outstanding singer and actor,” others responded. “The passing of Shonka Dukureh is really painful,” another said. She has two kids and is more than just a cute voice. Lord, please surround her children and family with your love and healing.

Who is Shonka Dukreh?

Douceur was originally from Charlotte, North Carolina, but eventually settled in Nashville, Tennessee reported. She graduated with a BA in Drama from Fisk University and an MA in Teaching from Treveca Nazarene University. Doucure, who initially preferred a career in education, plans to release her debut full-length album soon, titled “The Lady Sings the Blues,” her website says. According to her her website, “The project is a tribute to the blues music genre in tribute to the brave and unknown pioneering artists and musicians who paved the way for the rock music revolution.”

In a statement on the website, Dukreh’s manager Tracy Matthews said of her: “There is no doubt that she has the ability to communicate the story of any song with enthusiasm, and when she puts her heart into every note and nuance, she of listeners will embark on an emotional journey.”

acclaimed performance

Duke contributed to Grammy Award winner Mike Farris’ 2018 album “Silver and Stone”, famed music producer Pete Rock’s 2016 album “Don’t Smoke Rocks” and Smoke Dza’s 2016 album “Nate Bean and 4Given” accompaniment. She was also chosen as the lead singer for the album that same year.

She has performed solo or backing vocals with musicians including Nick Cave, Mike Faris and Christopher Roberts, and has traveled internationally with groups such as Jamie Liddell and the Royal Pharaohs.

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