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“After My Parents Travelled, They Invaded My Room, Covered My Mouth With Clothes & Took Turns—Victim



A popularly known verified news page, ‘Sahara Reporters’ recently discloses the report of a 16-year-old girl who got victimized by her neighbors on Thursday being the 26th of February 2021. According to the report from ‘Sahara Reporters’ police have arrested two men who forcefully slept with their co-tenant in Ogun State.

Here Is The Screenshot Of Report From ‘Sahara Reporters’:

The suspects are identified as Jimoh Idowu, 21, and Anthony John, 35. They both broke into the room of their female co-tenant around 2:00am on Thursday and allegedly took turns on the female after dragging her to one of their room.

Note: The picture of the victim wasn’t disclosed therefore the merged picture below is a stock photo, and it’s used only for illustration.

The suspects were arrested after the victim made a report to Owode-Egba divisional headquarters, and they confessed being responsible for the crime.

According to the victim, the suspects are co-tenant with her in Efunye village via Owode-Egba. They knew that her parents had travelled before they committed the crime.

Here Is The Screenshot Of Statement That Followed The Report:

The victim has been taken to the hospital and proper judgement will be made in regard to the committed crime.

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