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After Pastor Chima Destroyed The Shrine Of A Witch Doctor, See What He Found In A Pot (Video)



Judging by a recent video that was shared online, it seems that Pastor Chima is not only interested in the fight against indecent dressing which he started a few weeks ago, he has also waged a fight against the kingdom of Satan

Pastor Chima made headlines some weeks ago after he was seen in a viral video disgracing two ladies whose dressings he considered indecent. He forced the ladies to listen to his lecture on the negative impact of indecent dressing and after he was through, he prayed for them and gave them money to buy decent clothes. Some people like OAP Daddy Freeze were not happy with the way Pastor Chima approached the ladies

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A few days later Pastor Chima was seen in yet another video troubling a different girl in a market over her manner of dressing. Pastor Chima preached to her just like he did to the girl in the first video that went viral, and after he was done he led the girl into a boutique to buy decent clothes for her

Pastor Chima who now seems interested in fighting Satan has somehow located a shrine believed to be that of a witch doctor in the middle of a bush and has destroyed it.

In a video shared online, Pastor Chima could be seen approaching a big tree dressed in red clothing, with several strange objects surrounding it.

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“Whatever that is in this place I declare you powerless, the bible says in the name of Jesus every knee must bow, come on you are powerless” Pastor Chima continued to shout as he tore down the shrine

While tearing down the shrine, a strange object in a native pot caught his attention, and he immediately dipped his hands into the pot and brought it out

Pastor Chima who seemed to have an understanding of the strange object then explained that it was used to tie down the destiny of someone. Pastor Chima said “Every Satanic pot that is not of God be broken,” as he took the pot which previously housed the strange object and smashed it on the ground

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After Pastor Chima gathered all the materials together on the ground he then said “Father I decree today that every Satanic power here is destroyed”. He then set the whole shrine ablaze and watched it burn to ashes

Pastor Chima then said, “I decree that anyone held in bondage spiritually by any evil shrine is set free today in the name of Jesus”. After he was done he began to prophesy blessings upon this generation. What do you think about this

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