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Guadalajara’s Agavia Studios, the Film Commission of the State of Jalisco and market Ventana Sur’s Blood Window are launching Oscura Tinta, a screenplay competition for fantasy/horror features carrying a $25,000 cash prize.

Agavia will give the award in exchange for copyright to the work. Agavia will produce the winning screenplay, moving into production this year 2022, CEO Gustavo Cornillón told Variety at Cannes.

The winner will be chosen by a panel of industry figures and genre specialists.

Launched by Blood Window, Ventana Sur’s genre platform, the call for applications runs June 1-Aug. 15. The winner will be announced at Ventana Sur.

Production of a genre movie, a highly exportable film form, will help give an international edge to Jalisco production, said Cornillón.

The prize also forms part of a drive by Jalisco’s government to super-charge film production, with an aim to become the production capital of Latin America, said Esteban Estrada Ramírez, director general of Jalisco’s Agencia Estatal de Entretenimiento.

The winner will be produced in Jalisco. It already has a highly active animation industry, including part of “Pinocchio” being animated at Guillermo del Toro’s Guadalajara-based studio El Taller de Chucho, noted Jorge Eduardo Riggen Bustillos, director of Filma en Jalisco.

Now Jalisco aims for a second strong production line, in genre.

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