AIKA ROBREDO Video Scandal Leaked On Twitter, and, Reddit Leave Social Media Scandalized

WATCH: AIKA ROBREDO Video Scandal Leaked On Twitter, and, Reddit Leave Social Media Scandalized: Sometimes social media become a vicious space for some people and that’s for sure. This time Aike Robredo has become the victim of social media’s viciousness and deception. She is the daughter of the Philippines’s vice president Leni Robredo and she is helping her father in the ongoing campaign for the presidential election. Leni Robredo is running for the presidential election and the campaign is running in full swing. But Leni’s family has become the victim of some disgusting and bizarre political acts. Let’s read about them in the below-placed sections of this article. You have to go down the page till the last line to fetch all the information regarding the same headline. Follow More Update On

AIKA ROBREDO Video Scandal

Aika Robredo is the eldest daughter of Leni Robredo. On Sunday, she was doing a door-to-door campaign in Mandaluyong City but she became another victim of social media’s viciousness. After her door-to-door campaign number of fake links surfaced on the internet supposedly showing Leni’s daughter in a tampered fake s*x tape. Many screenshots of the video are circling on social media platforms, especially on Twitter and Facebook. Netizens on these two social media platforms are sharing the screenshots of the falsehood video. Keep reading to learn more about this topic.

AIKA ROBREDO Video Scandal Real or Fake?

Leni’s eldest daughter Aike is currently 34 years old and she is endeavoring to make his father’s election campaign successful but eventually, politics showed her the opposite side of itself by trying to ruin her image and reputation but the Robredo family did not fall to this falsehoods and misinformation and gave a strong reply to the culprits. The spokesperson for Aike’s father Leni Robredo named Barry Gutierez assaulted the social media consumers by condemning their act of sharing fake s*x clip links of Leni’s daughter. Kindly have a look at the further section to learn what he said.

AIKA ROBREDO Video Viral On Twitter and Reddit

Barry Gutierez said, “it was a vile and direct form of propaganda to contradict the progress in the election campaign of Leni Robredo who is fighting for the president.” He slammed the leaked videos by saying a malicious fabrication and he further added, “the vice president has already taken a legal action to take those links down. And he also said we are checking our legal options to use against the culprits.” Regardless, Gabriela, a women’s rights group said there is no uncertainty that the attack on Leni’s daughter was a political motivation as there is a high chance of Leni winning the presidential election.

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