Aika Robredo Viral Video Scandal News Real Or Fake?

Aika Robredo Viral Video

As you all know the internet never stops at any cost and no matter what is surfacing on it but one thing is clear, sometimes just rumors defame one’s name about whom netizens spark the search. Well, amid so much rumor and death news, Former Secretary of the Interior and Local Government of the Philippines’ daughter’s rumor to seem in an adult picture is trending and has become the talk of the town. However, no confirmation has been made so far but read below to know if it is true or not.

Source: Getindianews

Well, before talking more about the clip we would like to let you know one thing Jessica Marie Robredo is such a big and respected name in the nation, and as rumors are defaming her so plenty of the big names has come up to protect her name. Her news of being in an adult movie is fake and it is not what sources are saying but also because some of the reputed names and news channels have confirmed the same. Archbishop of Lingayen-Dagupan Socrates Villegas advised the vice president’s daughter, Aika Robredo, not to think of anything and stay focused on doing good amid circulating links to a fake sex video of her.

Villegas shared this advice as part of a lengthy letter addressed to her. He posted it on Facebook on Monday, April 11. “Let not the lies disturb you. The truth of your life of decency and humility and service and intelligence is known by all of us. Only liars will believe their own kind,” Villegas’ letter to Aika read. Continuing the caption he wrote “As for you, stay focused on doing what is good and be unperturbed in living by the truth according to the principles your parents planted in you,” he added.

Another Tweet on Twitter shows how people of the nation are coming to defend her name. Even in a tweet, a user wrote “Don’t believe the rumor that Aika Robredo has a sex scandal because it’s not true. They released news of a scandal but the truth is there is no such thing. The #ProtectAikaRobredo was only fabricated by Len-Len’s camp to make them appear like victims again.” along with this the account also posted some pictures that how some P@rn websites wrote in the headlines about Jessica Marie Robredo leaked hot video but later it came to know that it is not true. Stay tuned with us to read the latest update on the news.

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