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Life By Ella, a new series for kids & families, will premiere on Apple TV+ next month.

The series stars Lily Brooks O’Briant (The Big Show Show, The Tick), Artyon Celestine (Drama Club, Claws), and Vanessa Carrasco (Irreplaceable You) with an ensemble cast including Kevin Rahm (Madam Secretary, Mad Men), Mary Faber (Parks and Recreation, Kidding), Aidan Wallace (You, The Kids Are Alright), Kunal Dudheker (Better Things, Shang Chi) and Maya Lynne Robinson (The Connors, The Unicorn).

Life By Ella follows Ella as she returns to school with a brand new perspective, excitement for what the future holds and a major seize the day mentality following her stint with cancer. With her best friend by her side, she is ready to tackle everything she was too afraid of before, and determined not to let the minutiae of fake friends and social media status distract her.

Life By Ella was created, written and executive produced by Jeff Hodsden (Bunk’d) and Tim Pollock (Bunk’d), with the first episode directed by Emmy Award nominee Linda Mendoza (Ugly Betty, Harlem).

Friday, 2 September on Apple TV+.

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