Aj Crimson dead, rock star in the beauty world – cause of death

Aj Crimson dead, rock star in the beauty world – cause of death image 447

AJ Crimson is a rock star in the beauty world! An entrepreneur, makeup artist and beauty and lifestyle expert, and one of the most trusted names and authorities in the beauty industry. AJ’s established reputation as an expert in innovative beauty solutions has made him and his products the choice of artists and celebrities.

AJ wanted to create a product that included women of all races, one that all women could share and believe in. “So a lot of times, makeup is designed with a one-size-fits-all mindset.” That’s why AJ’s makeup line includes foundations and lip shades for women of all races and skin tones. A comprehensive makeup line that truly suits everyone from medium to dark skin tones and all skin tones in between.

AJ Crimson Beauty, as our first transition, a luxury makeup line that speaks directly to women of color.

AJ Crimson, celebrity makeup artist and global beauty ambassador, is a pioneering voice for inclusivity when it comes to beauty for women of color. Launched in 2013, AJ Crimson Beauty features 8 highly pigmented, precise and rich shades. Since then, the collection has grown to include 12 basic foundation shades, 32 lip shades in different formulations, and 2 signature powders.

The professional world is the first to enjoy the brand. AJ Crimson Beauty was used in the recent blockbuster Black Panther. Along with The Hunger Games, it’s a staple of TV shows like American Horror Story and Staz #1 Show POWER, with heroine Nautri Naughton serving as our brand ambassador until 2019.

Talents like Viola Davis, Angela Basset and Isse Rae are also big followers of my makeup creations. Everyday women follow up quickly and I think we have professional solutions for everyday glamour!

Our first boutique, AJ Crimson Beauté Atelier, opened in Los Angeles in October 2017. In addition to the flagship store, the brand will display its status online at www.ajcrimson.com, specialty cosmetic stores and small cosmetic boutiques deported from the United States. UK, Ghana and Kenya.

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