All That We Know About The Outlaws Show Cast Gamba Cole

He was also a part of the first episode of the first season of the series, which aired on October 24, 2021.

A crime thriller comedy TV show called The Outlaws follows the lives of seven strangers from different sources who must work together in Bristol to fulfill a community repayment sentence.

But their luck changed – maybe not for the better – when they came across the sack full of cash without recognizing its true owner.

Gamba Cole Age: How old is the outlaw actor?

Gamba Cole was born on November 18, 1997, in Bristol, United Kingdom, and will be 24 years old in 2022.

He has excelled in several recent films and TV shows, gaining public and critic recognition. Actor Code is well-known for his work in the entertainment industry, picking up many hits over the years.

He made his debut as Shane in the comedy film “Going Too Far” (2013). He had the urge to work in the entertainment industry since he was a child. Kerr fought to achieve his goals and never gave up.

Additionally, he made several television appearances in 2017, including Some & Roses, Guerilla, and Finish Line. People love him for his role as Andy in the 2018 action crime drama “Lucky Guy.”

He also has plenty of opportunities to work on major 2019 titles such as Hanna, Soon Gone: A Windrush Chronicle, and Oi Pussy.

The Outlaws Cast Gamba Cole Wikipedia Bio – Here’s What We Know

Gamba Code, popular for his role as security guard Christian Taylor in the crime thriller comedy Cole, wanted to be an actor from a young age.

He started to pursue his dream when he attended the BTEC program at Richmond upon Thames College in London. Before succumbing to the spotlight, he had intended to pursue a career in football.

But when he accidentally entered show business, fate had a different idea. He now wants to make an impact on the film industry. To pay the bills, Gamba claims to have worked as a security guard, but a chance encounter with director Clint Dale changed his life. Clint introduced Cole to a number of talent agencies, and Clint got him involved in a drama.

The actor has a verified Instagram account under the name @gambacole with over 4,900 followers and around 60 posts on his social media pages.

Gamba Cole Family and Race

Actor Gamba Cole, 24, was born on November 18, 1997, in Bristol, England, to an African-American father and an English mother. As such, his ethnicity is a mixture of African and American ancestry.

The actor said in an interview that his friends and family live in Bristol. As such, it was easy for him to find inspiration for his role in Outlaw.

Cole declined to share more information about his family history and personal life in public forums. As a result, the actor seems to avoid discussing his parents too much and keeps information about them to a minimum.

Gamba Cole’s love life and dating history

Gamba Cole is not currently dating anyone. According to his social media posts, his career and professional life are his main priorities. Given his busy schedule, it would be odd for him to go on a date.

His co-stars Rhianne Barreto and Gamba seem to get along just fine. For them, however, nothing happened. Viewers of the show can’t help but hope for the cast’s eventual union.

There aren’t many photos on the actor’s website, even though it was launched in 2019. He appears to keep the account for self-promotion rather than using it as a means of fan communication.

The young actor is still trying to make a name for himself in the film industry. As a result, his romantic life may slow down. His contact is unknown, and there is no information on his social media profiles. Therefore, the actor is currently considered single.

Gamba Cole Net Worth: Is the actor rich?

Although Cole has not disclosed his employment income or personal wealth to the public, Gamba, Cole has substantially increased his net worth.

He often makes money through movies and TV. He also provides endorsements for various products, which generates substantial income. Specifically, he contributed nearly 15 required credits.

Specifically, he contributed nearly 15 required credits. He is currently working on other ongoing projects. His net worth is expected to increase as he works on numerous projects over the next few years.

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