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‘’Always At The Baba Ijebu Lotto Kiosk, Sleeps On The Bench’’ Witness Reveals How Popular Veteran Actor Abija Is Battling Hard Time



Eniola Adeniyi

Life is hard for a popular veteran actor.

The situation is so dire that Abija as the actor is popularly known spends virtually all his days at a Baba Ijebu lottery kiosk.

Baba Ijebu is the street name for Premier Lotto owned by billionaire Kessington Adebutu. gathered that veteran actor Abija whose real name is Tajudeen Oyewole is a popular face at one of the premier lotto’s kiosks in Ekoro, Abule Egba area of Lagos State.

‘’The kiosk is owned by Chairman and Abija spent all his time there, chatting with customers or sleeping on a bench’’ learned.

The Movie That Established His Fame

‘’Chairman’’ is the alias of one of the street figures in Ekoro.

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‘’The talk is that one of his children got the apartment for him’’ learned.

According to multiple sources, the actor relies on the ‘’goodwill’’ of customers at the Baba Ijebu shop to get by.

‘’It really is a sad spectacle he cuts coming there and just whiling away time every other day and relying on handouts’’ a source stated.

Yekini Ajileye

Abija Wa Ra Bi Ekun ( A stealthy fighter like the leopard) shortened to Abija became a household name in the 80s and 90s with the blockbuster movie productions by the late Alhaji Yekini Ajileye.

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The stage name Abija stuck on Oyewole with his lovable performances in the widely watched movie which broke cultural barriers, Koto-Orun.

The checks by revealed that typecasting – repeated use for the same kind of role –, especially in the face of emerging alternatives, is the cause of Abija’s nonappearance in modern movies.

‘’And this is the cause of his economic situation, he obviously doesn’t have an alternative means of livelihood’’ a source pointed out.