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Amazing Health benefits of Red and Calipha leaves.



This leaf is commonly Known as (Red and Calipha). It’s botanical name is Acalypha wilkesiana.

It is used to control and reduce the level of high blood pressure and diabetes in the body.

To cure high blood pressure and diabetes pluck a reasonable quantity of the leaves, wash properly, squeeze the leaves and sieve it, then take about two to three spoons morning, afternoon and night.

Another option is for you to dry it, blend and keep in a container. You can take it directly or add into hot pap for consumption.

In the southern part of Nigeria majorly Yoruba use the leaves to cure ELA and ALEFO in children.

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To cure Ela and Alefo in children especially babies, pluck a reasonable quantity of the leaves, rinse properly and boil for about 30mins. Pour it in a bowl to cool a little bit or mix it with ordinary water and use it to bath the child. A little quantity can also be given to the child to drink and the mother also if she’s still breastfeeding the baby.