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Amazing Things you Should Know About Mother in-Law’s Tongue Plant (Snake Plants), Care and Growing Tips



Snake Plants belongs to the Sansevieria varieties are tropical succulent plants that has many health benefits. Moreover, many of the these plants have good looking appearance and many of them are placed strategically in households for decorations. It also purify and filter indoor air.

Some species of Sansevieria, mainly Sansevieria trifaciata, are commonly called mother in Law’s tongue. As the name suggests, the plant has a succulent, long and sharp leaves. Other Sansevieria species have long cylindrical rounded leaves with sharp pointed ends.

The benefits of these plants are mainly to do with aeration;

1. Filter indoor air, even at night

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This particular plant is unique as its one of those plants that convert carbon(IV) oxide to oxygen at night. This unique property allows for circulation fresh air in the room.

2. Remove toxic pollutants in the environment

This plant is known for its unique value to remove toxic air pollutants within the environment. Moreover, snake plants absorb cancer causing pollutant for instance benzene,formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene. With the ability to remove toxins, snake plants acts as effective defense against airborne allergies.

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