American Musician’s Ricky Dillard Wife Name And Personal Life

In 1987, Chicago House Music was where gospel musician Ricky Dillard began his musical career. In 1988, he founded his own gospel choir, Ricky Dillard’s Next Generation Choir.

Over the years, he has produced many gospel recordings. On November 28, 1990, he released his first gospel album, titled Promise.

At the 37th Annual Starlight Awards in 2022, he received the James Cleveland Lifetime Achievement Award, Choir of the Year, Heritage Choir of the Year, and Heritage Male Singer of the Year.

Is Ricky Dillard Married?wives of American musicians

According to information found online, he is not married. Therefore, the American musician is single.

He has never attracted media attention for any of his romantic relationships or relationships. Despite spending so much time in the spotlight, he managed to keep his private life from prying eyes.

As such, browsing his social media does not indicate his relationship history or future partners. He may be unmarried now, which is very likely.

His career has been an open book for his supporters, but his personal life has been shrouded in mystery. Christian music is what the singer is best known for. Over the years, he has won numerous accolades and awards for his outstanding music production.

Explore Ricky Dillard’s Personal Life

full name Ricky Ryder Dillard
other names Dr. Ricky Dillard
date of birth February 25, 1965 (age 57)
parents Dorothy Dillard
Profession singer, songwriter
marital status unmarried

Dillard was named Ricky Rydell on February 25, 1965, in Chicago, Illinois. His grandmother and mother were the first to instill in him a love of gospel music.

He started singing in the church choir at the age of five. Finally, as a result, he had the opportunity to conduct a youth choir at St. Bethel Baptist Church.

In 1981, he founded Bloom High School’s first gospel choir. I was working at the front desk. He also joined the Love, Salvation & Devotion (LSD) support band on weekends.

American gospel musician Ricky Dillard is a millionaire

Dillard also graduated from Bloom Township High School in Chicago Heights, Illinois in 1984.

American gospel musician Ricky Dillard has amassed a fortune.

American gospel musician Ricky Dillard’s extraordinary career has made him a millionaire. She is believed to be worth $6 million, according to Celebritynetworth.

One of many CDs he has published, Keep Living has been at number three on the US Gospel chart since 2011. With these successes to his name, there is no doubt that the singer has made a lot of money in his singing career.

Breakthrough: One of his latest albums, Exodus, is out on January 21, 2022. The Kelly Clarkson Show is his next stop, where he sings “All of My Help” on February 22nd.

Some FAQs:

Where did Ricky Dillard’s choir come from?

  • Ricky Dillard was born and raised in Chicago.

How old is Ricky Dillard?

  • Ricky Dillard is 57 years old as of 2022 (February 25, 1965).

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