Amrik and Jasmine call Fateh to meet Tejo in London

Udaariyaan 30th April 2022 full episode written update: Amrik and Jasmine call Fateh to meet Tejo in London: Today’s episode begins with Jasmine as she asks Amrik to let’s go and have food as she is hungry. Here, Tanya is coming to them holding cakes. She receives a call and goes back. Jasmine hears her voice and says to Amrik that she heard Tejo’s voice. Amrik says to her that she can’t be Tejo after whatever happened with Tejo six months ago. Here, Tanya is talking to Ruchi who sees Amrik and Jasmine and recognizes that they are Indians and tells Tanya about the same. Tanya looks at them, meanwhile, she gets a call from her landlord who asks her to come home fast. She leaves. Follow More Update On

There, Jasmine misses Tejo recalling her moments with her. Tanya reaches the house and her landlord asks her to check if anything is missing. She tells her about the man. Tanya understands that he would be Angad. She tells her landlord that he is stalking her for a while and thinks she is Tejo. The landlord tells her to stay with her friend for the night. Tanya says that she doesn’t scare anyone. Tanya goes to Gurudwara and prays for people’s wishes. Here, Fateh is also in the Gurudwara and is praying to God to make him meet with his love.

He says that he is unable to believe that Tejo is no more. Here, Tejo is dancing with her friends on the streets. Amrik and Jasmine also join them. Everyone dances happily. While dancing Tanya and Jasmien turns around and see each other. Jasmine gets shocked seeing Tanya. Jasmine hugs her emotionally. Tany gets confused but then goes from there with her friends. Jasmine and Amrik follow her but she leaves in a cab. Jasmine says that Tejo is alive but how she came to London. Jasmine asks about Tanya from a coffee shop owner.

She asks him about her address to which he says that he doesn’t know about it. He tells her about Tanya’s cafe where she works. Jasmine and Amrik say why Tejo is hiding her identity. Jasmine decides to find out the truth. Fateh talks with Buzzo about Jasmine and Amrik and asks him to find out their details. The next day, Jasmine and Amrik follow Tanya who is with Tanya. They catch her and Jasmine hugs her and says that she is alive. Angad sees them from far.

Tanya says to Jasmine that she is not Tejo, maybe she looks like her but she is not Tejo. Jasmine says that maybe she has lost her memory after the incident. Tanya refuses. Jasmine gets confused and Tanya leaves. Jasmine decides to call Fateh and asks him to come to London as Tejo can’t ignore him. She calls Fateh and tells him that Amrik and her are in London. Fateh reaches London and spots Tanya. Do not forget to watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 pm.

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