Andra Escamilla Filtrado Leaked Video Goes Viral on Twitter and Reddit: Nowadays Andra Escamilla Filtrado is making headlines on the news channels and on social media. If you are still unaware of Andra Escamilla then you should read this article till the last. Andra Escamilla is a nonbinary man who previously remained in the headlines for an intimate video. According to the source, Andra Escamilla felt the heat of the media’s limelight due to an intimate video that was circling on the internet a few days ago. But the aforementioned person has come up with a statement regarding the ongoing discussion about him. A stir occurred when Andra Escamilla denounced that she was a victim of digital violence. Continue reading the article till the end and be educated on this trending matter. Swipe down the page and take a look at all the sections of this story. Follow More Update On

Andra Escamilla Filtrado Video

Reportedly, a number of pictures and videos of Andra Escamilla have leaked a few months ago without his consent. How did his videos and pictures leak and who did this? As per the reports, Andra Escamilla is also available on Fansly a similar platform to OnlyF.  And it is certain that his obscene pictures and videos must be leaked from that platform. But the cliche is those videos and pictures were leaked without his consent. Kindly look at the next section to read what he said about his leaked videos and pictures.

Andra Escamilla Filtrado Video Leaked On Twitter

Andra Escamilla appealed to his followers of they see it they must report it and refrain from sharing it. The statement of Andra Escamilla reads, “Greetings, they posted a Fansly video to Reddit and Twitter and possibly to Facebook and Telegram so if you spotted it please report it.” Earlier this month Andra Escamilla announced that he would post adult material to his Fansly account but those videos were not allowed to be broadcasted and shared on other platforms too. If anyone would catch doing the same then he is committing a crime and for the same, he can also face some serious legal actions against him.

Sharing someone’s obscene pictures without his consent is an offense and he could also face 3 to 6 years in jail. Andra Escamilla’s Instagram handle is available with the username @andramilla and he has gained more than 52K followers on Instagram. That’s it for now on this topic and further updates will be shared with you as soon as something comes up. Till then keep visiting our website and read other articles here in the same place.

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