Andy Kaufman Documentary in Production

Morgan Neville’s company Tremolo Productions is officially in production of an untitled Andy Kaufman documentary alongside Josh and Benny Safdie’s Elara Pictures. The Emmy-nominated Alex Braverman will direct the feature-length film.

“No matter how many times I watch Andy Kaufman’s work, I feel like I’m seeing a magic trick for the very first time,” Braverman said. “I’m excited for our project to honor that. This is the film I’ve wanted to make my entire life.”

The Safdie brothers will executive produce the project alongside Rick Rubin and Braverman’s father Chuck Braverman, who produced Kaufman’s 1980 special “Andy Kaufman Plays Carnegie Hall.” Wavelength founder and CEO Jennifer Westphal also will executive produce.

Wavelength and Tremolo had previously worked together on the 2018 Mr. Roger’s documentary “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” directed by Neville. This documentary also marks the second time Neville and Rubin have worked together on a project, the first instance being Showtime’s documentary series “Shangri-La.”

The production team on the project have signed an exclusive deal to bring Kaufman’s key creative partners Bob Zmuda and Lynne Margulies Osgood onto the project. Production has also secured exclusive rights to essential Kaufman films and early works alongside never-before-seen footage and audio recordings.

Netflix Announces 20 New Polish Language Titles Coming in 2022

This year, Netflix will launch 20 Polish film and television originals in the United States.

The news was hared today on a Netflix blog post from Anna Nagler, who heads Netflix productions in the Central and Eastern Europe regions, and Łukasz Kłuskiewicz, who is in charge of content acquisitions for the region. Release dates for the titles have yet to be announced.

Highlights from the announced titles include “Detective Forst,” which is based on the novels of popular Polish author Remigiusz Mroz. The series will star Borys Szyc, with direction from Daniel Jaroszek. Other adaptations include the series “Feedback” and the film “Tonight You Are Sleeping With Me,” which are based on novels by Jakub Żulczyk and Anna Szczypczyńska. Other prominent Polish originals include films such as “Hellhole” and shows such as “The Green Glove Gang” and “A Girl and an Astronaut.”

View the full list of announced Polish Netflix titles below:

Announced Films:

“Broad Peak”
“Delivery by Christmas”
“Mother’s Day”
“Mr. Car & The Knights Templar”
“Night In The Kindergarten”
“Tonight You Are Sleeping With Me”
“The Hive”

Announced Series:

“A Girl and An Astronaut”
“Dark Stories”
“Detective Forst”
“The Green Glove Gang”
“Family Secrets”

AFI Awarded $350,000 Grant from NEH

The American Film Institute (AFI) has received a $350,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) to support an initiative to study thousands of short films released in the silent and early sound eras. The project is entitled “Behind the Veil” after a lost 1914 film directed by Lois Weber. It is spearheaded by the AFI Research team at the AFI Catalog, and it is intended to document the cultural impact of women and people of color in the creation, distribution and reception of early cinema. The research initiative aims to chronicle the groundbreaking work of female and BIPOC pioneers who were working mainly on short films in the early days of American filmmaking. Notable names include Alice Guy Blaché, the world’s first female director who made hundreds of shorts; William D. Foster, America’s first Black filmmaker who worked solely in the short film form; and actors such as Sessue Hayakawa, Tsuru Aoki, Myrtle Gonzalez, Red Wing and numerous others who got their start in short films.

Sony Partners With USC to Provide New Resources and Equipment

Sony Electronics has announced a new partnership with the University of Southern California to support the university’s prestigious film school.

Under this new agreement, Sony has donated $2 million to the USC School of Cinematic Arts, and will provide new, state of the art equipment to the school. These include Sony Cinema Line of cameras including VENICE 2, FX9 and FX6 models, and the Alpha mirrorless camera line. In addition, the school will open a new Sony Virtual Production studio, featuring Sony’s Crystal LED B display screens. The studio will be built this summer, and classes in it will be offered to students starting this fall.

“Sony’s products are the leading-edge technologies that drive ideas, inspire creativity, and inform the future of cinematic education,” USC School of Cinematic Arts dean Elizabeth M. Daley said in a statement. “Our students are the future creative leaders of our industry, and this partnership will help give them the tools they need to fully realize their education goals and creative ideas. We are so excited for the partnership with Sony to invest together in our students’ talent and in supporting the innovative cinematic creations of the future.”

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