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Another 7 reasons why you shouldn’t drink Palm Wine



Palm wine is a lovely beverage that comes with lots of health benefits. However, there are reasons why you shouldn’t take the drink.

Considering the importance of drinking palm wine, we must also be careful about the side effects that excess intake of the beverage brings.

We brings to you seven reasons why you shouldn’t drink palm wine;

1. Too much Palm-wine intake could give rise to neurological symptoms like affecting body rigidity and muscle contraction.

2. The high alcohol content in palm-wine can affect the liver and lipid metabolism causing severe liver damage.

3. It reduces blood clotting factors, leading to uncontrolled bleeding.

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4. Pal Wine can also weaken the heart muscle and its ability to pump blood.

5. Excess intake of palm wine can cause fat to accumulate in one’s liver.

6. Fermented palm-wine contains a very high percentage of alcohol, which is relatively higher than what is found in some alcoholic beverages we drink.

Since palm-wine’s lifespan is only half a day, that means what we mostly have is fermented palm-wine, which destroys the liver, kidney, and other systems in the body. It can also cause hypertension (HBP).

7. Expectant mothers should not drink fermented palm wine at all. It can cause miscarriages, stillbirths, and abnormalities in babies because of its high ethanol/alcohol content.

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