Anthony Severs Man 76, DENIED Entry Into Bar For Being TOO OLD

The 76-year-old Severs was “shocked” when his bodyguard told him he was “too old” to enter. He claims he later complained, but the bar has yet to show remorse, and as a result, he feels “discriminated against” because of his age.

The retired shipyard described the particular situation as follows: “I had just left the vineyard when it started raining and I was soaking wet. Because there were no buses (because of the ongoing Arriva strike), and I live not far from town so I had to walk home. However, I decided to go to McCooley’s as it was pouring rain so I could dry off and have a drink.”

“I climbed the steps to get in, but the bouncer told me I couldn’t. When I asked why ‘say Severs’, she said I was too old. “That’s discrimination, I said. Then she remained silent. I just left out of shock. ”

Anthony went on to say that he has a daughter and a few grandchildren, “What do you think? It didn’t really hit me until I started leaving. I questioned if I was “too old.” I was surprised because I was drinking in the neighborhood In over 60 years, nothing like this has ever happened.”

People might chuckle if you’re told you’re too old, but Severs added, “It didn’t turn on.” The grandfather was so perplexed by the situation that he chose to discuss it with his daughter. He said he was drinking on Matthew Street because he met someone he knew there. She suggested he file a complaint with McCauley. However, Severs claims that after doing so, he was told to contact the company contracted with the club to provide security personnel.

When Cyphers finally calmed down, he went to the McCuley house, where they told him it was the security company, not them, to blame. I demand a personal apology for excluding me alone.

“Unfortunately, Mr. Severs has turned away after leaving Grapes, but it may have been some confusion that night rather than an age issue. Most of our consumers, especially throughout the week, are seniors. He is welcome back at any time without a doubt,” the statement continued. The outside security agent he asked for a personal apology for is no longer employed by the security company we use, but he still got a personal apology from the head of that company.

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