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Antonio brown pool video not blurred Twitter & Reddit Antonio Brown appeared to have approached a woman in Dubai, according to a May video. The New York Post claims to have a video of Brown that was shot in May while he was staying at the Armani Hotel in Dubai. Follow more updates on

Antonio brown pool video

interacting with another swimmer while in the pool. In the video, AB twice thrusts his bare ass into the face of a woman.

The situation was made even more distressing by the fact that he looked to be entirely naked in the water. Brown engaged the woman in play and even scooped her up to dunk on her.

Antonio brown pool video not blurred

She eventually swam away, and other males were cheering him on from behind the camera. Brown flashed her after removing his cock from the pool. According to witnesses quoted by The Post, the woman became enraged following that. and even entered the home to voice her displeasure with him.

Antonio brown pool video not blurred Reddit

I’m not exactly sure what this is… It appears that this occurred a few months ago. Anyway, there is currently a lot of negative feedback online, mostly directed against AB.

Brown is an unsigned free agent who hasn’t played this season, at least not yet. Before abruptly retiring, he most recently played for TB and the Bucs in the previous season.

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