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Are You The Type That Always Feel Sleepy After Eating? Then Here’s Why & What You Need To Know



I understand how annoying and frustrating it feels like when you’re sleeping in your place of work just because you had a nice meal, if you’re the type that always feels sleepy and tired after eating then this article is for you. It’s best if you calm down and read it all to the end so you can know how to prevent yourself from sleeping after eating.

(Man sleeping at work)

If you know you always feel sleepy or tired after eating then you’re experiencing what they call Postprandial somnolence. Don’t be scared because there are lots of people out there who experience this same thing as you. Feeling sleepy after eating may not be a problem at night because it’s the perfect time to rest, but feeling tired after eating in your place of work during the day, or in the morning before going to work is a big problem. Here are some factors that make us sleep after eating.

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What We Eat

What we eat matters a lot and it’s one of the main reasons why people feel sleepy and tired after eating, eating food that’s very high in carbohydrates or protein will make you feel tired and sleepy after eating than other foods. Eating loads of garri, fufu, beans, yam, etc will make you feel tired and sleepy after eating, many protein-rich foods contain an amino acid called tryptophan which helps the body in producing more serotonin and carbohydrates also helps the body to absorb tryptophan.

(Eating heavy foods will make us feel sleepy)

In case you’re wondering, serotonin is a chemical in our body that plays a role in regulating our mood changes and sleep cycles. This is why foods richer in carbohydrates and protein makes us feel sleepy than other foods.

When We Eat

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you do feel sleepy at one particular time of the day and its as if your body has gotten used to that particular time? If we set our lunchtime to be when our body demands rest then we’ll always see ourselves sleeping after eating.

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Strategies That Can Help You Stay Active After Eating

(Lady battling with sleep at work)

It’s very annoying when you find yourself battling with sleep at your place of work especially if it’s work that requires you to be active, so here are methods and strategies that you can use to stay awake all through the day.

Get A Good Sleep

If you want to prevent yourself from sleeping during the day, then get a good sleep at night, try sleeping at least  7 hours at night so your body will be strong and active during the day.

Reduce The Food Quantity You Take Eat At Work

Instead of eating loads of food at one sitting, try eating a smaller quantity of food multiple times in a day so you won’t feel sleepy at work.

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Don’t Drink Alcohol With Your Meals

Alcohol can make someone feel tried so adding it with your meals will make you feel more sleepy at work.

Try Going For A Walk

If you noticed that you’re beginning to feel dizzy after eating then try going for a walk, it will really help you out.

Falling asleep after eating can sometimes be embarrassing, we should learn to treat our bodies with care so it can serve us properly.

When To See A Doctor

If you continue to feel sleepy after eating despite having a good sleep at night and following all the preventive measures, and you know that its also affecting your daily routine at an alarming rate, then don’t hesitate to see your doctor.

Know that diabetes, anemia, celiac disease, or food allergies/intolerances can be a health problem that can make you always feel sleepy after eating.