Argentinian Actor Rodolfo Beban Dies Aged 84

Beban’s illustrious theatrical and film career brought him to prominence. He is best known for his leading role in Leonardo Favio’s 1973 film Juan Moreira. With a critically acclaimed picture, he was cemented as one of the most talented Argentine performers of his generation.

Everything you need to know about Rudolf Beban

Rodolfo Beban, son of the famous actor Miguel Beban, was born on May 25, 1938. Despite this history, Beban grew up in a family that strictly forbade show business. Mainly because his mom told him that watching dramas ruined her marriage. Beban therefore initially decided to become an airplane pilot.

But one day, as he was walking past the Idiot City Theater with a buddy, he noticed a sign that read “Fuente Ovijuna Needs Extra Staff.” He started out as an extra before being cast as the lead in the play Musica en la Noche. After that, he started taking drama classes.

Finally, he is known for numerous stage performances. He has starred in several shows, including his father’s Diario de un Loco, Let’s Live a Dream, The Butterflies are Free, and The Strange Couple.

Despite his popularity, Beban claimed that fame prevented him from participating in things like milongas and fencing competitions.

Beban also starred in several films, most notably Leonardo Favio’s Juan Moreira. The film became one of the highest-grossing films in Argentina.

personal life

Models Liz Amaral Paz and Rudolf Beban had a long-term relationship, during which they even had a daughter, Dolores.

After that, he married Claudia Lapaco, and they were married for six years. Diego and Rodrigo were born to Beban and Rapace.

He fell in love with Gabriela Gilley while working on the series Malveaux. The couple went on to have three children: Facundo, Daniela, and Pedro. But in December 1991, Geely died of heart failure.

Beban later met Adriana Castro and he remained in a romantic relationship until 1995.

Netizens pay tribute on twitter

Rodolfo Beban made a name for himself in the entertainment world with his flawless screen and stage performances. As news of his passing spread, Twitter was flooded with tributes:

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