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Aridan fruit? See its health benefits and uses



Aridan Fruits, botanically known as (Tetrapleura tetraptera) is one of the greatest wonder plants in the World. It is called Aridan in Yoruba, Osakrisa in Igbo, and Prekese in Ghana. Others call it Osho, Uyayak, Dawo, Edeminang, Ojewole, Ozhagirizha, tuab etc. The Plant is native to West Africa and is believed that this plant flourishes in places like Nigeria, Ghana and Israel.

It is used as an exotic spice, medicine and as a dietary supplement.The sweet fragrance of Aridan Fruit is highly valued as it is used to spice up rich foods. But its greatest gift to the human race is in its medicinal properties.

Aridan fruits contain key minerals and vitamins such as Zinc, Iron, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium etc. These essential minerals and vitamins help to optimize the body immune system. They protect the body against viruses, regenerate blood cells, and ensure optimal performance of our bones and muscles.

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The Aridan fruit has the following medicinal benefits such as treatment for Diabetes, Asthma, Arthritis, Fibroid, immune system booster, epilepsy, leprosy, convulsions, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, etc. The fruit also gives fast relief from fever; it also helps people suffering from constipation. Also, the plant extract is used to make soap which is used for skin inflammation and bacterial infection on the skin.

Because of its strong smell, it can also be used as mosquito repellent and is very effective too. The Aridan fruit or Prekese can be used to make prekese tea which is used for weight loss. This tea has the ability to cleanse the extra fat in the body. For those who wish to look young especially women, should make the Aridan fruit or Prekese their friend and also use it to spice up their foods or put into water and drink every day.

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The greatest health benefit of this plant is the quick recovery of newly delivered mothers. Aridan fruits are used to prepare soups and yam porridge for women immediately they put to bed to prevent post delivery contraction. Aridan fruit with its magical properties is the single most effective ingredient in post-delivery recovery.

How To Prepare And Use Aridan Fruits:

Aridan fruit is very easy to prepare because it is a very exotic spice used in cooking in many West African communities. Dried Aridan fruit is known for its distinguished aromatic and flavorful fragrance and as such used as a spice for flavouring assorted dishes such as meat pepper soup , yam porridges, palm kernel soup (banga soup or ofe akwu) ,nsala (white soup) , fish pepper soup etc. It is also used to cook jollof rice and many other African foods. All you need to do is cut the pods into pieces, or grind it and add to your cooking.

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However, to prepare the fruits for medication purposes, you are to cut few pods into pieces and boil in water for about 40 minutes. Drink half cup morning and evening for a month. In serious cases, the pods are ground and mixed with honey or palm kernel oil. Leaves, roots and bark are also cooked like the fruits and taken twice daily.

The greatest challenge is how to source fresh and healthy pods. This is because most of the pods sold by local market women are invalids. Some of them are already eaten by worms; while others are rotten and infested by ants and insects. But you can buy freshly harvested and healthy pods on the online market place.

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