As Bogus Apocalypse Claims Flood Across TikTok

The fact that the world is still overcoming the pandemic caused by the coronavirus is scary enough, but now there are predictions that zombies will invade China in 2022. Although there is little evidence, some netizens are clearly worried about new internet trends to support their existence. August 2022 saw a flood of zombie conspiracy theories on TikTok.

The idea that the world is coming to an end is widely accepted. The confusion appears to be caused by a false story that claims China is where a zombie apocalypse could begin in 2021.

Many hope to move to Mars or another distant planet, as long as they can escape the dead and a virus that could cause a zombie pandemic. Meanwhile, horrified TikTokers are looking for solutions as doomsday scenarios circulate on the platform. However, this is just an intricate misunderstanding.

As various content creators put it on the platform, this misunderstanding is the result of a false story about a zombie apocalypse in 2021 that “may well start in China.” The story references Max Brooks’ book, World War Z, which tells the story of the fictional World War Z.

However, many people seem to forget that the zombie outbreak is a fiction, instead believing that a viral pandemic will sweep the planet by 2022.

Although the idea finds its way into contemporary literature and media, there is no evidence that zombies actually exist. For those unaware, a zombie is an undead corpse that eats meat, either infected with a virus or bitten by another zombie.

While the zombie apocalypse may never be explained by real-life actions or events, movies and TV shows like The Walking Dead and Zombieland depict a world where the dead rule and the living struggle to survive. Books like Monsterland, Dealing with the Undead, and End Game deal with the post-apocalyptic conflict between the living and the dead.

Some people have fun imagining being attacked by awakened corpses, while others immediately understand that fear of zombies is unfounded.

One user said, I’m moving towards the goddamn moon.

“What! All those jokes about the zombie apocalypse are damning us,” another added.

Oh Lord please tell me this is not true, one wrote. Search ‘Moving to Mars’ on Google

One commenter joked on Twitter: “You don’t know China is building a brand new Great Wall covered with barbed wire. It has multiple uses, it controls the undead.” Bro, Ohio and China are free of zombies, And monkeypox, I’m leaving the solar system, goodbye, another said.

“Tiktok freaks me out because someone says China has zombies,” a third chimed in. “Obviously, I did the research and it just said it wasn’t really a damn thing.”

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