Asherey Ryan’s RIPPED From Her Body After ICU Nurse Nicole Linton’s Merc Rammed Them

Los Angeles, CA: On August 4, 2022, Ashley Ryan, 23, was killed along with Armani Lester and her one-year-old son Alonzo. She was eight months pregnant with her second son. Armani’s father, Renault Lester, and two unidentified women who were in another vehicle were also killed in the collision. ICU nurse Nicole Linton was seen on CCTV footage as her Mercedes hit six cars and ran a red light at a busy intersection in Windsor Hills at 90mph. A few steps from a gas station, across the street, vehicles collided and burst into flames after the horrific incident.

The unborn child’s name, “Armani,” has been chosen by Asherey Ryan. The family was heading to the hospital for prenatal care when the tragedy happened. Mother killed in car accident, unborn child ripped from mother’s womb. Linton was also accused of killing Armani. According to them, the accident resulted in his birth and death on the same day. The family’s car was immediately smashed into two halves. Alonzo was killed after being thrown from a car seat and at the feet of a witness who was trying to save him. According to the medical examiner’s office, his body was different from his mother’s when it was found. She has a “deep” history of mental health problems, according to her lawyer.

However, Linton’s true motivation for aggressive driving remains unknown. It is unclear why she was allowed to work in the health care system, particularly in the ICU, because her lawyers reported her mental health problems were decreasing. In the past two years, she has held six nursing jobs in five states. Although she didn’t finish her nursing degree in 2015, she started working “outside” health care at NYU in 2010. A traveling nurse agency called AMN Healthcare sends qualified workers where they are most needed. The company declined to comment on Nicole Linton’s field of work and the background checks she conducted when she first started working for AMN Healthcare.

We are unable to comment on ongoing criminal investigations at this time. A spokeswoman added that any other inquiries should be directed to law enforcement. She will be sentenced to $9 million in prison for manslaughter and could face up to 90 years in prison if convicted. Although Linton did not appear to be intoxicated, investigators claim her previous driving experience should have made her aware of the dangers of irresponsible driving.

Alonzo’s father, Luis Quintero, declared: “I want to see justice done. Do something for her, reparation for what she did, and I might be able to forgive her. Not right now. She’s got my son out of my life. Take care. I’ll never see him again. “He was happy and ecstatic, no matter what, his smile would make anyone’s day better. Bereaved father Luis Quintero continued: “I love how he clasped his hands and kicked his legs with joy.

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