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Aside Smoking, Stop These 5 Things That Can Damage The Brain


Sometimes it is thought that smoking is the only way that the brain can be damaged, meanwhile, other factors affect the brain that may not be quickly noticed or suspected. Yet when these things are not avoided they become a danger to the brain and the whole body’s health.

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The brain is a unique part of the body that is used for reasoning that also sends signals in controlling some parts of the body.

Hence, there’s a need to take care of it and avoid some unhealthy habits that will be listed and explained below.

Skipping breakfast

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Breakfast is an important meal of a day that should not be skipped as it may result in a decline in brain excitability, slow response, and reduction in attention.


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High-calorie intake may increase the risk of memory loss.

Inadequate sleep

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Adequate sleep gives the brain time to regain energy for the next day, deprivation of it may result in poor decision making, memory loss, or make the brain susceptible to infection.

Polluted air

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Exposure to air pollution may lead to brain inflammation.

Excessive sugar diet

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An excessive sugar diet may result in excess glucose in the brain which may accumulate and block the flow of blood in and out of the brain that can result in unconsciousness or stroke.

Avoiding these listed things above and living a healthy lifestyle can help to reduce the risk of brain damage.