Austen Kroll Sister Died At Chimney Rock?

From the outside, Austin Kroll’s life seems like the most fantastical thing imaginable. Even so, many of his fans may not realize his tragic heartbreak.

His older sister, Kyle Kroll, passed away unexpectedly and tragically. Austin frequently updates his Instagram account, telling his followers of any interesting things going on.

Austin can be seen on reality TV shows Winter House and Southern Charm. The entrepreneur has been focused on launching his craft beer brand.

Did Austin Kroll Sister Kyle Kroll Die at Chimney Rock?

Austin Kroll recently spoke about the childhood tragedy he experienced: his sister Kyle Kroll died after jumping off a cliff from Chimney Rock.

The newest cast member of the critically acclaimed Bravo series “Southern Charm” shares a harrowing story of losing her sister in the latest episode of the reality series.

The season four premiere earlier this year introduced fans to Austin, who claims his sister Kyle died after falling off a cliff while the family was out hiking.

In 1994, Kyle fell to his death from a 200-foot cliff while hiking with his family in Chimney Rock Park, North Carolina. Austin asserts throughout the episode that everyone’s closeness is the result of his family’s decision to have his sister Katie.

Austin rarely has to deal with the tragic details of his sister’s death. But he provided enough details of the disaster for his followers to fully understand what happened.

Find out Kyle Kroll’s age of death

Austin Kroll died in Chimney Rock when he was 7, and Kyle Kroll went missing at 9.

Kyle, who was nine at the time, rushed in front of her family and managed to overcome obstacles designed to keep her on the road safely.

By the time the grown-ups at the party realized what had happened, she had fallen 200 feet from the mountainside. Due to the recent heavy rainfall, the ground was smooth at the time, another important feature.

According to The Daily Dish, Austin found it difficult to talk about such traumatic memories. He went through things at a young age that no one should ever go through in their lifetime.

According to various sources at the time, the park was closed to visitors the day before due to heavy rain, which made the grounds exceptionally slick the afternoon of Kyle’s death.

Kyle Kroll Family Background Information

Kyle Kroll lives with her parents and two younger siblings who cherish their time together.

He went on to say that just four days ago, his parents and their two children moved to Charlotte, North Carolina. They took Austin and Kyle to Chimney Rock State Park to take advantage of their new surroundings.

After that personal loss, Austin’s parents decided they didn’t want him to be their only child, so they had another daughter, Katie.

Monday night’s episode of “Southern Charm” kicked off the 29-year-old Austin’s close relationship with his parents and sister.

Katie is surprised by her brother’s appearance on the reality show. Austin admitted that she thought it was funny and that her girlfriends had asked questions about him and his reality show.

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