Automobile Group Dealers Chairman Terry Lindsay Obituary


Auto Group Dealer Chairman Terry Lindsay is a devout Catholic and Maltese Knight who values ​​helping others.

Terry Lindsay is a very kind and generous person. St. Agnes Catholic Church in Arlington, Virginia, has long been Terry and Jenny’s home church.

Despite the success of his career, his family is his greatest passion and achievement. The time he spent with his children and grandchildren brought him the greatest joy.

He spent countless hours participating in their various activities. Terry makes you feel comfortable in his presence with his pleasant smile and a firm handshake.

The chairman is curious about who you are, how you operate, your origin story, and your plans for the future. He just has the knack for when your path crosses to make your day better.

According to the obituary, who is Terry Lindsay, chairman of Auto Group Dealers?

The chairman of the Lindsay Automotive Group in Alexandria, Virginia, is Charles Taliaferro Lindsay Jr., also known as Terry Lindsay.

February 14, 1935 – Valentine’s Day – Terry was born in Washington, DC.

His mother, Margaret Cox Lindsay, and father, Charles Taliaferro Lindsay, Sr., both died before him. He attended Washington, D.C. as a child, attending Woodrow Wilson High School.

In 1958, the chairman graduated from Duke University with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. He worked at the Army’s Rocket and Missile Agency in Huntsville, Alabama, the precursor to the U.S. space program, and a member of the U.S. Army.

Chris Lindsay and his wife Terry Lindsay, Chairman

After being honorably discharged as a lieutenant, Terry Lindsay worked for the civil engineering firm Ammann & Whitney, overseeing the runway and access to Dulles International Airport.

He was on a blind date at the Zebra Hall on Wisconsin Avenue at this time and met Regina Curry (Jenny), the woman who would later become his wife.

After a brief romance, they got married and just celebrated their 61st wedding anniversary.

Terry didn’t hesitate to say that Jenny was the reason for all his achievements. Working for his father at the Lindsey Oldsmobile Cadillac in Alexandria, Virginia, he began his automotive career in 1963.

His beloved 12 grandchildren include Molly, Terry, Gavin, Finn, Michael, John, Leigh, Nick, Tim, Seamus, Alexandra, and Abigail Lindsay. He is also survived by his faithful three children, Chip Lindsay (Kate), Michael Lindsay (Debra), and Chris Lindsay (Mora), and his wife of 61 years, Jenny Lindsay.

He is survived by his brother Jack Lindsay (Cookie), his niece Jennifer Duffy and his nephew Paul Lindsay.

Mr. Terry Lindsay, Chairman of Net Worth Information

After Terry Lindsay’s brother, Jack Lindsay, joined the company in 1966, it grew into one of the top Cadillac dealers in the country. However, her actual profit is unclear.

In 1988 he teamed up with Jack Taylor and they were selected as one of the first Lexus dealers in America.

One of the top Lexus dealerships in the nation has been created as a result of the phenomenal growth and success of this first partnership. at the rank of lieutenant.

Since then, Tery’s children have joined the industry and have grown it through acquisitions and expansion. Currently, the Lindsay Motor Group represents 15 different franchisees.

Examining the cause of death of Chairman Terry Lindsay

On July 18, 2022, Chairman Terry Lindsay passed away unexpectedly in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. He is 87 years old.

His true cause of death is still unknown as neither he nor any of his family members have released any information.

Both the Washington Area New Car Dealers Association and the Virginia Automobile Dealers Association have Terry as president.

He has served as President of the St. Luke Institute, the Arlington Chapter of the American Red Cross, the Virginia Independent College Foundation, and the Marymount University (VFIC) Board of Trustees.

In addition to serving on the boards of the Arlington Community Foundation, the Arlington District Boy Scouts of America, the Boys’ Club of Alexandria, and First American Bank, as well as many other professionals, corporate and charitable organizations, he has been awarded the John Carroll Society Archbishopric District honor. 2015 Washington DC Medal.

He loves sports and has been playing golf. He competes in many competitions around the world, but his favorite part of the sport is company.

The Burning Tree Club is a favorite among the groups and organizations that the president is a member of.

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