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Avoid Eating Rice, If You Have This illness, It Only Makes It Worse.



Rice is a staple food and also one of the oldest cereal grains in the world. We have different types of rice but they are all streamlined to two major types; the white rice and the brown rice.

White rice is the most common type, though brown rice offers more health benefits. Brown rice comes in a variety of shades, including reddish, purplish, or black.

In this article, l will be telling you the illness that doesn’t recommend you to eat rice and why you shouldn’t eat it in excess

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What illness are we talking about?

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Type 2 Diabetes

This is a common illness that results from high blood sugar levels.

Rice is 80% carbohydrates and any food that contains much carbohydrates can increase your blood sugar level.

White rice also has a high glycemic index score, meaning that it can increase the blood sugar level after a meal. Foods with such a high glycemic index are at high risk of diabetes.

Also note that excessive consumption of brown rice can introduce heavy metals into the body, which can damage multiple organs in the body due to their high toxicity.

Brown rice

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