Bad Bunny’s Mindset on Fashion Will Encourage You to Dress Fearlessly

“I always remember seeing the pieces in women’s clothing, and they would always fit me so much better, and they had so much different variety,” the Bullet Train actor shared. “Obviously, as you get older, you start seeing what the world shows you, and if I lived my life that way, then I wouldn’t be able to dress in the way that I really want to.”

As he put it, “To a point, the fame and where I am gives me the confidence to do all of these things.”

However, the “Booker T” singer admitted that in the beginning of his career, “I tried to pretend I was someone that I’m not.”

“But I learned that that’s the way artists lose themselves,” he continued. “It’s because they forgot about themselves—them as a person—and invented a fictitious personality.”

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