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Bad news for the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro: they won’t have one of the most wanted features



Are you waiting for the OnePlus 9 for a possible purchase? Today we have a little more information about the next two launches of OnePlus, specifically their cameras. While OnePlus struggles to improve the photographic quality of its devices, it forgets about a much-requested component. Everything points to the OnePlus 9 y 9 Pro they won’t have a periscope camera at the rear, something that it does show off much of its competition. Of course, you should not be alarmed, if you like the zoom you may have it on these devices.

The OnePlus 9 will not have a periscope sensor, and standard zoom?

A recent leak lets us know that OnePlus 9 y 9 Pro would lack periscope sensor in the rear area. This sensor is in charge of having more advanced zoom characteristics than normal, since it is a sensor dedicated to implement this zoom without loss of quality.

This sensor is present in a large part of the current high-end models such as the Samsung Galaxy S21. Zooming with this type of sensor is a characteristic that many users request in high-end terminals, as it is one of the sensors that gives the most play to photographs.

It is almost certain that OnePlus will not include this type of sensor in its new devices, although this does not mean that they are left without the possibility of zooming. A sensor with a 3x zoom is not the same as a periscope. The OnePlus are left without a periscope sensor, but This does not mean that they do not include a sensor with a 2x or 3x optical magnification.

The company is unlikely to leave the new devices without the ability to optical zoom with your camera. What is not certain is how much zoom the supposed dedicated sensor will support. Most likely it will still be a 3x as on previous devices. The bad news is that the terminals will not follow the trend of including a periscope sensor to further enhance this zoom.

OnePlus forgets the periscope, but focuses on quality

We have known for weeks that OnePlus has signed an agreement with Leica to improve the rear camera of their smartphones. It is very likely that the company has bypassed the periscope sensor to focus on the overall quality of the rest of sensors.

Users have been asking for a consistent improvement in the OnePlus mobile camera, something that has not arrived so far and that could be one of the main novelties of the OnePlus of 2021.

At the moment we can only wait for OnePlus to filter or present the devices and all their features. The periscope will not be present, but the renewal of quality in the cameras could make this detail be forgotten.


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