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Bakayoko Arresto video Leaked & viral on Twitter, reddit and Youtube >


WATCH: Bakayoko Arresto video Leaked & viral on Twitter, Reddit, and Youtube Tiemoué Bakayoko, a midfielder for Milan, had an unfortunate incident there. He is talking about a clip of a French football player being stopped and searched by police in Milan during this time. This particular footage was shot on Sunday, July 3, in the early hours. Follow more updates on Newsminatii.in

Bakayoko Arresto video

The police officer searching the Rossoneri midfielder is seen on the footage pointing his service weapon at a passenger in an SUV that Bakayoko was also riding in. When the agents identified the player, they halted the operation and released him. According to what has been learned, the check was conducted based on a radio note sent by the police operations centre reporting the presence of a suspicious SUV that matched Bakayoko’s. A gunshot between two groups—one of Senegalese descent and the other of North African origin—had taken place nearby in the Corso Como neighbourhood just a few seconds before. Milan was made aware of the incident by the police.

Bakayoko Arresto video on Twitter

Since it occurred “in an operating setting that justified the adoption of the highest security measures, especially in terms of self-protection,” the check “was carried out in a manner that was absolutely consistent with the type of alarm in place.” This is the Milan police department’s explanation of the viral footage of the incident that is generating discussion and debate online. The notation in via Fatebenefratelli continues, “Once the individual has been discovered and his extraneousness to the facts for which he proceeded has been clarified, the service is resumed normally, without any form of relief on the side of the person involved.”

Bakayoko Arresto video reddit

“Photos of Bakayoko’s arrest imply the use of ethnic profiling. A prejudiced act that might have had grave repercussions for an unidentified person “. Amnesty Italia posts this on its Twitter page in response to the police check video.

“I watched the video but didn’t talk to the commissioner because I didn’t know how to respond to it and didn’t want to say anything inappropriate. I will listen to the commissioner.” Giuseppe Sala, the mayor of Milan, responded to reporters’ requests for comment by saying as follows.


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