Barbie Ferreira Is Officially Leaving the Cast of ‘Euphoria’

next season Euphoria A key cast member, Barbie Ferreira revealed on August 24 that she will no longer be playing fetish lover Kate in Sam Levinson’s hit teen drama.

“After four years embodying the most special and mysterious character, Kate, I have to say a very tearful goodbye,” she wrote on her Instagram Story, alongside her “Angel” co-star Hunter’s Fan art photo by Shaffer. “I hope many of you see yourself in her as I do, and [it] It makes you happy to see her journey to become the character she is today. I put all my care and love on her and I hope you all feel it. Love you, Catherine Hernandez. “

Instagram / @barbieferreira

The news comes after widespread speculation that Ferreira and Levinson were at odds over their character arcs in season two, mostly Kate Relegated from protagonist to supporting role at Maddy (Alexa Demie) and Cassie (Sydney Sweeney). (Apparently, the Queens native missed the season two premiere in January.) Fans also criticized the more ridiculous elements of Kate’s scene. did Appeared; in a now-infamous moment, she actually pretended to have a brain problem in order to end her relationship with boyfriend Ethan (Austin Abrams).

As well as leaving fans wondering what happened to the East Highland favorite, Barbie Ferreira’s early departure is a setback for the fat rep – the 25-year-old brings to the subject of body positivity A refreshing perspective. “Going into a profession that has historically had strict standards for beauty, people definitely saw me as a body-positive activist, and I had that from the start,” she said. Tell Fashion after the first season. “But over the years, I’ve found my own version, and it’s not just about size. Now I’m kind of like, ‘Let’s get this whole thing moving. There’s a fated fantasy in Hollywood and fashion, and I’m really Would love to see it broken so anyone who is different can find their own space there.” Hopefully she’ll make a big splash in another hit drama soon.

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