Bayram Namazı Nasıl Kılınır Video – How To Perform The Eid Prayer? Explained

Bayram namazı nasıl kılınır video

WATCH: Bayram Namazı Nasıl Kılınır Video – How To Perform The Eid Prayer? Explained: As Eid-ul-Fitr is about to come in just a few hours the preparations are at their peak and people are highly engaged in Eid preparation. But do you really know how can you perform Eid prayer? If not, this article is for you as here we have discussed how can you perform Eid prayer (namaz). This article is compiled with information on Eid prayer. As we all very well know that Eid prayer is to be performed in the morning hours. In the below-placed sections, we will tell you what are the compelling steps to performing Eid prayer. You are advised to follow every section of this article as here is everything to learn what happens in Eid prayer. So keep reading the article to learn the steps of Eid prayer. Follow More Update On

Bayram Namazı Nasıl Kılınır Video

Muslims across the world are eagerly waiting for their auspicious festival which comes once every year. Eid-ul-Fitr celebrates after the completion of one cycle of the crescent moon. After thirty days of Ramadan, Eid-ul-Fitr comes with the festivity of three days. During this festival, Muslims across the world recite namaz and visit their relatives with sweets and gifts. Kindly look at the next section to learn how can you perform Eid prayer correctly without mistakes.

How To Perform The Eid Prayer?

There is no doubt Eid prayer is quite different from daily prayer (namaz). First of all, the person who wants to perform the Eid prayer will require to perform the “Fajr” prayer which performs daily in the morning at around 5:00 AM. After successfully performing the “Fajr” prayer the person will be able to perform Eid Prayer. There are six “takbirs” in Eid prayers. Kindly look at the following section to learn the process of Eid prayer.

After intending the Rakat Eid prayer Takbir is uttered and hands tied after raising to ear level then Imam silently recites the “Subhanakalla humma” prayer and the congregation also silently recites the same prayer. After reciting, hands again raise to ear level, and then hands are put down free that would be the first Takbir, and again hands are raised to ear level and put down free that would be the second Takbir and after raising hands for the third time hands are be tied to at the level of abdomen or navel. The Imam recites “Surah Fatiha” and proceeds just like a normal prayer, and before going to Ruku in the second Rakat Takbirs again recite three times just like the first Rakat and then Imam and congregation go in prostration.

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