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Be careful Of How You Place You Generators: See 2 Times Carbon Monoxide Have Caused Death in Families



Today I would be sharing with you, the importance of placing your generator set outside of your home. Same time I would show you photos of families who lost their lives while sleeping due to the Inhaling of carbon fumes from generators.

Life is a mystery, we should live everyday like it’s our last. Believe me, illiteracy/ignorance is another factor that causes high level of death in a society. Imagine if the families who died of inhaling of carbon knew it was a very dangerous gas, they would have died.

Before we proceed to the major curse of this article, I use this medium to felicitate with families who have been affected by generator fumes. I beseech all readers to carefully read this article, so you can comprehend my write up.

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Before we proceed to giving you stories of people who died by inhaling carbon monoxide, lets us see what and why cabin monoxide kills humans.

What is Carbon Monoxide

1.It is a colorless and odorless gas.

2. It prevents your red blood cells from carrying enough oxygen when your breath it in

3. This makes the brain and heart suffer quickly, but all body organs are harmed by lack of oxygen.

4. Both high and low level of carbon monoxide are both dangerous, they can lead to sudden death or permanent brain damage.

Below are stories of families who lost their lives from inhaling carbon monoxide. Please note that the main purpose of this stories below, is to warn people of the negative effects of carbon monoxide if inhaled.

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1. Generator fumes kills couple, five children in Rivers. On the 1st of July 2019, punch news reported about the death of two couples and their 5 children in Port -harcourt.

2. Generator fumes kill 17 at Nigeria prayer meeting in Umuahia : This news was reported by According to reports the 17 individuals had gone for midnight prayers and they left generator on. The carbon monoxide must have sofocated them and exchanged their oxygenated blood with carbon monoxide.

Their are So many lives that have been taken away by carbon monoxide. Remember that carbon monoxide is an odorless and colourless gas. If you want to place your generating sets, please bear in mind distance. Place the exhaust were cabon monoxide passes, through outside .

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