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Becareful of the transparent animal in your drinking water.



An animal was discovered inside the water. This animal has a transparent body.

This transparent animal is called Eel Larvae (Leptocephalus Larva) which can also called baby Eel.

This animal is said to be to poisonous and can also be eaten as food when cooked. The blood of Eels is poisonous to humans and other mammals, causing muscular cramps that can affect the heart; however, both cooking and the human digestive system destroy the toxic protein. It can be harmful to human when consumed along drinking water.

This transparent Eel doesn’t have red blood cell but a jelly like body and the chances of it getting inside your water is less, that because most of them are usually eaten by predators or die during migration to freshwater.

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Nonetheless, to prevent unseen contamination, it advisable to always boil your water coming the tap or stream before drinking just to be safe and also make sure to forward this message across to anyone you know.