Below Deck Med’s Captain Sandy Weighs In on Natasha and Dave

Below Deck Mediterranean stars Natasha Webb and Dave White seem to really float each other’s boats.

The July 25 episode was quite the rollercoaster for the bunkmates, who were revealed to have hooked up on their previous charter. Dave also admitted to still having feelings for the chief steward, and while Natasha appeared to reciprocate those feelings a few times this season, she made it clear that whatever happens between them, stays between them. 

So, when Dave started to sprinkle hints amongst the crew that he and Natasha were more than friends, she was naturally upset. Captain Sandy Yawn, however, was none the wiser. In fact, as the longtime Below Deck Med star exclusively told E! News, she didn’t know there was a romantic connection between Dave and Natasha until she watched the episodes back.   

“I saw it for the first time when you saw it for the first time,” Sandy revealed. “I probably would’ve picked up on that vibe if I would’ve been downstairs with them, but I wasn’t. I never noticed it.”

Then again, the stern leader always prioritized being “in work mode,” she added. “The last thing I’m looking for is seeing who’s vibing with who. I don’t really care as long as they do their job and respect each other.”

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