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This week Better Homes & Gardens features a special renovation by Johanna, Charlie, Adam and Ed for family who have experienced a very tough six months.

Johanna + Adam + Charlie – More Than A Makeover
Johanna + Adam + Charlie + Ed – Garlic & Garden Herb Beef Rump With Easy Almond Aioli
While Father’s Day is a time to celebrate our dads, for one family it’s a time to reflect. The last six months have been a traumatic time; losing two important people from their lives has left them reeling. Tonight, Johanna, Adam and Charlie work hand-in-hand to create a beautiful backyard where the family can enjoy meals together, some sunshine and little bit of tranquillity. To help unveil the new garden, Ed stops by to christen their new barbecue with a sumptuous Garlic & Garden Herb Beef Rump with Easy Almond Aioli. While nothing can remove this family’s heartache when they look back, this garden will give them a peaceful place that can help them look forward.

Dr Harry – Hen-Pecked Roosters
Introducing male and female chickens isn’t as easy as putting them together and leaving them to it. So, Dr Harry helps a family who found this out the hard way when their hens pecked away at their rooster. With his advice, they’ll be able to re-introduce this small flock of backyard chooks who will soon be mingling happily and productively.

Karen – Spiced Pumpkin & Olive Oil Loaf Cake
Banana bread has been done to death, so Karen’s mixing it up, literally and figuratively, with a loaf cake made from pumpkin. The pumpkin’s rich, dense texture and natural sweetness mixed with gentle spices make this one delicious cake. If you’re disciplined enough to not eat it straight away, it’s even better topped with a fluffy cream cheese icing.

Juliet – Quirky Canisters
Looking for something a bit different and fun for your pantry containers? Well, Juliet’s found a great way to recycle your old kids’ plastic toys and also jazz up those storage jars. So, before you just throw away those old toys and nick-nacks, let Juliet show you a clever recycling idea that will revolutionise your household labels.

Melissa – Antique Perennials Walkaround
A garden full of Perennials isn’t just beautiful, it’s a living, breathing tapestry of colour, texture and movement. As Melissa tours a special garden, she talks to two gardeners who are passionate about sniffing out new, rare and interesting Perennials to introduce into Australian backyards. Sourcing plants from all over the world, their passion for Perennials has grown from strength to strength and 20 years on their property is showcasing the beauty of these flowers that keep on giving.

Fast Ed – Prune & Walnut Slice
They maybe more known for breakfast, but Ed’s out to show you how to use prunes in a dessert. Combined with oats and coffee, this Prune & Walnut Slice not only makes a delicious dessert but also a homemade alternative to a muesli bar snack.

Juliet – Antique Cabinet
An old antique cabinet doesn’t sound like the thing to put in your kitchen, but with a quick makeover from Juliet, this piece will fit in with the kitchen aesthetic and be perfect for showing off your favourite.

7pm Friday on Seven / 7TWO

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