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Beware: This One mistake can empty your account Immediately



An automated teller machine (ATM ) is an electronic device that enables customers to perform financial transactions, such as cash withdrawals, airtime top-up, deposits, transfer funds, or obtaining account information, at any time and without the need for direct interaction with any bank personnel. But today, some individuals have used this means to fraud people on several occasions.

as the saying goes, “information is power, ” indeed, most people have fallen victim because they don’t actually know some simple but likely things that are bound to happen in the “ATM” stand.

But when you are aware, consciousness will always be there to guide you.

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Now, this is what they do at the “ATM stands.”


Actually, not every time we go to the ATM gallery ourselves. perhaps, due to one schedule or the other, we send our trusted ones to help us get some cash in the “ATM” at times, and of course, it’s a normal thing that usually occurs in the higher institution territories. See the technique here, the individual you want to send to the “ATM” is not going the “ATM” gallery with your phone, and maybe, the person you sent gets to queue and discovered that the queue is too much and give your “ATM” card to unknown person to withdraw cash for he or she just to save time, take note, that “individual,” the person you sent, gave the “ATM” card to, have the chances to check your account balance, and transfer any amount to a third party account and withdraw the said amount you sent the person for the person and leave the “ATM” stand immediately. Maybe before you the owner of the account realize And make calls, that unknown person must have withdrawn the money elsewhere and go away with your money.

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So don’t give your “ATM” card to anybody in the ATM stand to withdraw money for you. Besides due to network anomaly we experience transactions alerts delay at times. So be conscious of how you do your things in the “ATM’. Don’t give your “ATM” card to anybody in the ATM line to help you, if you need assistance call the attention of the security personnel or help center to assist you.