BGMI Creator Brutally Assaulted Attack Video Goes Viral

Paras Official Carding Popularity: BGMI Creator Brutally Assaulted Attack Video Goes Viral: We all know the importance of social media in today’s world. In fact, we are nothing in today’s era without the internet or social media. This platform has been used for sharing views among viewers. There is surety in that the viral content on the social media that, will be absolutely true and it could be fully a rumor. So it totally depends on the viewer who watches the viral content. The viewer has to decide the clarity behind the viral content. Follow More Update On

Paras Official Carding Popularity

So sometimes people have to pay for sharing their views on social media as exactly a BGMI community content creator. A piece of news Is going viral on the internet nowadays, in which a BGMI community’s content creator has been beaten by some person just because he shared his views on social media. Paras Official Attack Video

Paras official is a well-known content creator from the BGMI community, was recently beaten by 8 men because he raised the topic of using illegitimate ways to gain a popularity rating in Battlegrounds Mobile India. According to a short video that is viral on the internet, he was assaulted by 7 to 8 men that entered his residence and thrashed him with rods and other objects.

So in this world, where we talking about the human fundamentals right, 8 men beat a person just because he raised his voice against something. These people did not beat him normally but they used many objects to beat him such as rods on his residence.

Paras Official Attack Real Video

Paras official has recently reached 800,000 subscribers count on YouTube and recently. He had voiced his opinions against the use of carding to gain a popularity rating in BGMI. The Popularity ranking system where players that have the highest popularity can have a higher rank. But sharing the views on a ranking system, Paras had to pay for it.

He shared that, the popularity rating can be gained by getting gifts from other accounts. As per the content, creator players were using an illegal method called carding to gift themselves a large sum of popularity ratings via available gifting options.

In this world, human has the power to express their feeling without harming anyone. It is his fundamental right. If we don’t like someone thought that, does not mean, we have a right to harm him brutally. You could not oppose him but do not harm him unethically. These 8 men should be punished and they should be shame of their acts.

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