Bill Nye’s Reaction to Meeting Taylor Swift Will Make Your Day

Everyone’s favorite science guy also happens to be a huge Swiftie.

Bill Nye is used to getting recognized by fans all the time, and that certainly came in handy when he attended Taylor Swift’s Reputation Tour in 2018. He exclusively told E! News’ Daily Pop all about meeting the music superstar at her concert—or rather, as he noted, the time “she got to meet me.”

“I went to her concert, and they found me—people found me in the Twitter zone,” he told Daily Pop’s Justin Sylvester and guest host Kym Whitley on Aug. 25. “We went backstage, and we were there for a minute, and she took a picture.”

Luckily, the encounter lived up to his wildest dreams, as he called Swift “lovely.”

“She’s all that, as the kids say,” the TV host—who recently tied the knot with journalist Liza Mundy in June—gushed. “People, that woman is quite a musician. Do not fool around, man. She’s major league.”

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