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Blind Date: Does Hannah and Harry’s perfect first date mean that the second date is on the card?


27-year-old Hannah says:

I was really nervous. It was my first blind date, so I didn’t know what to expect. But when I met him, I immediately felt calm.

Camera iconHannah Campbell. credit: John Kou/Western Australian

He was waiting for me at the table. The first thing I noticed was that he was tall and happy. Only a few minutes later, I went to the Palace Arcade bar for a drink.

Of course, I took over the food order. I ordered a big pizza, spring rolls and onion rings. I also had dinner before the date. I felt quite comfortable. I ate his pizza dough.

Harry said he bought new clothes that day. Black jumper and jeans. It was fashionable.

We talked about what he was doing for work and his early morning, very early hours. I literally told him that I only wake up at 4am when I fly. Get up early and it’s very good for him.

I make rules whenever I’m on a date. “Tell me if there’s anything on your teeth,” he says, “yes, that’s a rule.” If we were eating pizza and it was all over my face, I would be offended if you didn’t tell me. You don’t want to meet someone and you don’t have chia seeds on your teeth.

We also played some games, but I was scared of all of them. And I got him to take the rest of the pizza home, and I wonder if he ate it? He wanted to leave it, so I said, “No, absolutely not. I need it for tomorrow’s lunch.” And if he didn’t go, I would have gone, but I’m him Bullying and taking them home.

I told everyone about dates, especially Nonna. She told all the nurses and doctors in the hospital that I was going to have a blind date and it would be written on paper. She can’t wait to read about it. It’s fun to catch up again because I’ve become friends like the House of Fire.

Verdict: 10/10

28-year-old Harry says:

I was calm and very enthusiastic, but I was a little m ore interested than usual because I hadn’t met, talked to, or met the person I was dating. Before that, everyone kept asking me, “Do you know who it is?” But I thought that if you weren’t particularly interested, you could have a few drinks and get out of there. But it wasn’t.

It was interesting. Before I got there, I looked around to see if a particular girl was going on a date.

Hannah came to the table. She is a beautiful and stunning girl. She was just laughing and seemingly on the same page as me in removing urine from everything. We have similar humor.

Hannah’s cheerfulness. She told me she would go to all these social events, and I was wondering why.

We ate pizza, and I left some crusts on my plate, and Hannah said, “If this isn’t the first date I’ll eat those crusts.” , And I said, “Be my guest.” It was very relaxing and normal from the beginning, which was unexpected. We had a casual chat. Obviously the name was important, so it was detailed, but didn’t go directly to “What do you do for work?” And something like the first date.

We somehow started talking about Hannah’s orthodontist. I don’t know how I got there.

We exchanged numbers and scrolled through her Instagram. That’s how I found out she was in Big Brother.

It was definitely a good day compared to what I’ve been to. It was a wonderful day. I will certainly have a second date. Maybe I’ll talk to her in the next few days.

She could probably get better at Time Crisis (of arcade games). But what she lacked in the time crisis skills she made up for by eating my pizza dough.

Verdict: 10/10

Blind Date: Does Hannah and Harry’s perfect first date mean that the second date is on the card?

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