BLM protesters Andrew ‘Tekle’ Sundberg berated by neighbor of gunman 20 shot dead by police

Minneapolis, Minnesota: In a recent tragic incident, Arabella Fosse-Yablo, a mother from Minneapolis, was caught on camera as she spoke to a condominium gathered in the Seward neighborhood. A group of protesters outside the building shouted. Sandberg was shot and killed by police on July 14. It’s not George Floyd’s problem, she shouted.

Sandberg, 20, was shot dead after a six-hour standoff on July 16 as a large crowd of demonstrators gathered outside the Southside apartment. The mothers of the two- and four-year-olds who initially called 911 that night were also at the scene. “The gun went through my door and through a post to the kitchen where I was preparing food for my kids,” she cried. My kids now have to deal with this as they are almost dead and may have a mental disorder. He sat in the hallway watching me move and ended up leaving a muzzle in my kitchen. In front of my children, he tried to kill me. Not in this case, George Floyd. George Floyd has no weapons. Arabella told him: “This is not good. On May 25, 2020, George Floyd, a black American, was shot and killed by a white police officer in Minneapolis. Video of the incident is online It went viral, sparking an outcry.

Who is Andrew ‘Tekle’ Sandberg?

Sandberg, 20, fired several shots on the evening of July 14, according to CBS. His neighbor Arabella called 911 and reported that a bullet had gone through her wall. “The first loud noise I heard, I didn’t know it was gunshots,” she admitted. She described how she grabbed her two young sons and fled to the bedroom, where she contacted the police, who arrived and rescued them. “I thought, ‘We’re not going to make it, we’re not going to make it,’” she said.

After police kicked Arabella’s boy out of the apartment, Sandberg became reclusive and police had to spend more than six hours dealing with him. Then, around 4:30 a.m. on July 15, two snipers shot Sandberg, killing him. He later died at Hennepin Healthcare. Arabella and the deceased’s neighbor, McCellyllian, said on Facebook that she heard gunfire and criticized the protesters for not believing her. She described how she and her husband “received a notice to stay at our house because of an active shooter 0.5 miles away” on the night of the massacre. After a brief silence, for the next six hours, there was only the sound of the siren and the sound of the officer speaking on the walkie-talkie in the exact same way. Please pick up your phone so we can speak; this is the Minneapolis Police Department, Tekle.

It wasn’t until 12 am that I discovered the reason for all this. That Tuesday night, while she was inside with her children, he started shooting at a neighbor’s apartment across the hall. What puzzles me is how a woman manages to escape her stalker with two children by her side. To make matters worse, until recently, every post I saw and every channel I watched fired her. Not only was her house gone, but the day after her release, she was able to rejoice by witnessing vigils, protests, and rallies held by her would-be assassins. Nearly being murdered by your stalker is simply not enough to get the slightest respect, let alone any recognition for protecting her children, which, as this case demonstrates, is a perfect example of how black women are treated in culture today. She also added a clarification to her original post, saying: “We could see his unit as he drew the curtains all night. Nothing was missing from our knowledge.

A second incident involving Minneapolis police involved SWAT members Aaron Pearson and Zachary Seraphine shooting Sandberg. The first included the shooting death of Amir Locke on February 2 this year by a SWAT team enforcing an early morning bomb ban. “Over the course of more than six hours, more than 50 officers were involved, hundreds of hours of body camera video and audio need to be analyzed. Minneapolis Police Department staff are editing some of the videos in accordance with legal standards and protocols, such as identities, etc., which will appear in the near future.

Who is Arabella Foss-Yarborough?

Arabella, who survived the shooting, is of black, white, and Indigenous ancestry, according to sources. I have black kids; I’m a person of color, why are you protesting? She asked the crowd. Would you do this for me if I lost my life?

Arabella launched a GoFundMe campaign after she lost her job after an altercation with the police. Sandberg “has been harassing and stalking her for months,” according to the site. Another GoFundMe was created to help pay for Sandberg’s funeral expenses, “food and help the younger siblings at home.”

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