Blueface & Chrisean Rock Video leaked On Twitter Fighting On The Street In Hollywood


 Blueface & Chrisean Rock Video leaked On Twitter Fighting On The Street In Hollywood:  Blueface recently got into a physical altercation with his girlfriend Chrisean Rock, which was caught on camera.

Fighting On The Street In Hollywood

Video surfaced Tuesday (August 2) of Blueface and Rock competing on the sidewalk in Hollywood, California. In a video of the crazy incident, Blueface can first be seen trying to walk away from Rock, who tells the rapper to get back into the car.

“Why are you following me?” Blueface asked.

Things quickly escalated when Rock stalked the rapper and the toxic couple crossed their arms. From there, Rock Blue seemed to take a hit, and he returned his favor. You fall to the ground. The “Thottiana” rapper then relied on rock. The audience who recorded the conflict attempted to intervene verbally.

“It’s not good, brother,” he said.

Blueface hugged the woman for a few seconds, then got up and tried to walk away again. Locke continued to follow him. As more viewers watched, the pair bickered again. After the breakup, a man who looked like a security guard stepped in and the chaos finally ended.

It appears that things are mostly good between the couple. Blueface has since released a video from home with Rock that offers an oddly calm recap of the night’s events. During the clip, he offered Locke $100,000 to be left alone.

Blueface’s dramatic relationship with Chrisean Rock has made hip-hop headlines countless times. Back in May, Locke claimed she had an argument with Blueface’s mother and sister. Their relationship appeared to hit a snag last month when Blueface publicly called rock unreliable. Rock later tried to prove her love by snapping a picture of Blueface on her dentures.

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