Borrell calls for EU-27 unity against “fascist regime” in Russia

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The High Representative for Foreign Policy of the European Union, Josep Borrell, called on Monday for the EU-27 to remain united against Russia’s “fascist regime” amid rising energy prices, ensuring that European stocks will “falter” if member states’ interests collide in response to Moscow, Reuters reports.

“We have to be united and we have to make it visible,” said the head of European diplomacy in a remote speech at the Interparliamentary Conference in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic.

Borrell warned that it would be a “problem” to present different interests at the level of the member states. “Values ​​will be shaken when we clash with each other over interests,” he warned.

In this sense, he advocated breaking the energy dependency that exists with Russia, after describing it as a “strategic error” to have left the supply of gas to Europe in the hands of Moscow. “Now he is using it as a weapon,” he lamented, insisting that it will be “painful” but it is a “duty” to advance in the transition to renewable energies.

The high representative’s remarks come amid a debate within the EU over escalating energy prices and when European sanctions are being questioned in member states such as Hungary and Italy.


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In the context of the war in Ukraine, Borrell has defended the shipment of weapons, assuring that in a context of military aggression there are no “magic solutions” to end the conflict, but has pointed out that one of the options is to help the army Ukrainian, in addition to using diplomacy or applying sanctions to Russia.

“We do not have a concrete plan to defeat the Russian fascist regime, but my task is more modest and that is to help Ukraine in a united way and continue discussions with international actors to implement the adopted sanctions,” Borrell said.

In a more general reflection, the head of EU diplomacy argued the need for an EU with greater military capacity and jointly address the increase in defense spending.

“Nobody wants to spend money on defense, but at the moment Europe has to do more to defend itself, develop its industry and improve its military capacity in a coordinated way,” he said. He pointed out that if the EU-27 does not develop militarily in a coordinated manner, a disparity will be created and the objective of having a European force will not be achieved.

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