Brian Mullins Obituary, Legendary Figure In The Annals Of Dublin Gaelic Football

Brian Mullins Death, Obituary – The tragic news of Brian Mullins’ passing away a week ago struck a nerve not only within the GAA community in Dublin but also within the GAA community all over the country. Those individuals who were fortunate enough to witness Mullins at the height of his career are the ones who are most affected by his passing since he was one of the very few players who were able to define their era with a mix of unmatched talent and forceful personality.

The midfield colossus was one of the finest players to ever don the sky-blue jersey and was a totemic figure in the Dublin sides of the 1970s and 1980s that were managed by Kevin Heffernan. He was one of the greatest players to ever wear the sky-blue jersey.

In the course of his career, he was successful in achieving the following accolades: four All-Ireland titles, nine Leinster titles, two National Leagues, and two All-Star awards. In addition, he was hailed as a hero of Hill 16 for his rousing performances in the middle of the field. Six years ago, in August of 2016, he sat down with John Harrington, the Chief Writer for, over the course of two days to reflect not only on his outstanding athletic career but also on his life in general.

It seems appropriate to revisit the text of those discussions he had, in which he provided a fascinating insight into the factors that molded him both on and off the pitch, on this day, which is the day of his funeral. Those conversations took place before he passed away. Full Story

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