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Bruno Santamaria, Selman Nacar Top San Sebastian Industry Awards


Announced Wednesday, Mexico’s Bruno Santamaría, Argentina’s Martín Benchimol and Turkey’s Selman Nacar proved three big winners of the San Sebastian Industry Awards.

João Paulo Miranda is already the young star of Brazilian cinema after “Memory House” and also received the Ikusmira Berriak Award.

The Chicago Golden Hugo winner’s documentary “The Thing We Dare to Do”, Santa Maria won two awards at the festival’s Euro-Latin America co-production forum, which Latin American directors and their producers seek important The co-production partner’s prospects as state-funded shrines have plummeted across the region.

Also written by ​​Santamaría, it is set in the ’90s and tells the autobiographical story of 10-year-old Bru, whose father was diagnosed with HIV, triggering his parents’ split. “I wanted to photograph my parents’ eyes and conversations in silence that I couldn’t observe and find some meaning to as a child [in what happened],” Santa Maria told type.

Armando Espitia (“Heli”) and Sofia Espinosa (“Gloria”) star in this tragic comedy,

In a further forum award, Sofía Quirós’ “Madre Pájaro” – the same creative team behind her feature film debut, 2019 Cannes Critics’ Week actor “A Land of Ashes” – has reunited with her work on 7-year-old Oliver The story won the Artekino International Award, and he, when his mother became seriously ill, became more and more fond of his 25-year-old neighbor Paloma. The producers are Mariana Murillo of Sputnik Films in Costa Rica and Sazy Salim of Murillo Cine in Argentina.

The Film Center award went to Chilean director Niles Atala (“Rey”) for “Fire Doll,” about a 9-year-old girl’s struggle to help her father escape the ghosts of the past. Chile’s Globo Rojo Films is producing in partnership with Raphael Berdugo’s Paris-based Cité Films, which handles worldwide sales.

WIP Latam’s big winner at the pix-in-post competition in San Sebastian was “The Castle,” in which Justina was awarded a huge mansion deep in the Argentine pampa on the condition that she never sell it. Produced by Gema Juárez Allen of Gema Films, which owns “The Erotic Melancholy” in the main competition, the film marks Benchimol’s novel debut with Pablo Aparo co-directed Fear at IDFA 2017 Winner of Best Medium-Length Documentary.

“A Strange Path” from Brazil’s Guto Parente (“The Cannibal Club”) received the Projeto Paradiso 1st Prize from the Brazilian Talent and Film Nonprofit Promotion Organization. Its second prize went to Davi Pretto (“Castanha”), Pretto’s other social issue country drama following the Statewide Film Festival award-winning Rifle.

Nacar won his second WIP Europa Award in three editions for “The Wound of Hesitation,” a moral thriller set in the Turkish middle class, and the 2020 WIP Europa Award winner “Dawn of Two Dawns” Room” award-winning work.

The only Latin American film in the 2020 Official Selection of the Cannes Film Festival, “House of Memories”, is in the spotlight, with João Paulo Miranda’s “Bandeira” (“The Flag”) winning the Basque top Production company Irusoin’s coveted post-production award, awarded to one of San Sebastian’s prestigious Ikusmira Berriak development residencies.

san sebastian 2022 Industry Awards

11th European-Latin America Co-Production Forum Awards

11th European-Latin America Co-production Forum Awards

“Six months in a pink and blue building” (Bruno Santa Maria Lazzo, Mexico)

Dale! Award (Development Latin America-Europe)

“Six months in a pink and blue building,” (Bruno Santa Maria Lazzo, Mexico)

Artekino International Award

“Madre Pájaro” (Sofía Quirós Ubeda, Costa Rica, Argentina)

Serbian Film Center Award

“Fire Doll” (Niles Atallah, USA, Chile, France)

WIP Latin America

WIP Latin America Industry Awards

“The Castle” (Martín Benchimol, Argentina, France)

Egeda Platino Industria Award

“The Castle” (Martín Benchimol, Argentina, France)

Paradise Project First Prize

“A Strange Road” (Guto Parente, Brazil, Portugal)

Paradise Project Second Prize

“Country House” (Davi Pretto, Brazil, France, Argentina)

WIP Europe

WIP European Industry Award

“The Wound of Hesitation” (Selman Nakar, Turkey, France, Romania)

WIP Europa Award

“The Wound of Hesitation” (Selman Nakar, Turkey, France, Romania)


Irusoin Post Production Award

“Bandeira” (Joao Paulo Miranda Maria, Brazil, France)


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