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Settebello Entertainment is expanding its scope within the industry to now include both lit and consulting. Byron Ashley’s company had previously only worked with talent.

The lit side of the company will now focus on signing up-and-coming voices within the industry, straying away from established writers and directors. The company aims to guide emerging artists with seeming potential through their first opportunities in the industry.

The company has already started signing these emerging artists, including Landon Stahmer, creator of CryptTV’s “The Look-See;” Ed Cunningham producer of “The King of Kong” and “Undefeated”; Wes Armstrong, alum of Sony TV Diverse Director’s Program; Eric Boadella, director of “Toastmaster”; Alex Goyette, director of “Expelled”; Allison Gilbert, writer for episodes of “Fam” and “Carol’s Second Act” and Jae Ahn, director of “Post to Be.”

On the consulting side of the company, Ashley and Settebello will take on an advisory role to up-and-coming companies who require access to Hollywood talent. These relationships will range from general coaching to leading talent negotiations or running campaign execution.

CoPilot, a remote fitness and nutrition coaching platform, is a client of Settebello Entertainment’s consulting wing. Along with CoPilot, the company has worked with Evry Jewels, a DTC jewelry company, and VideoUp, a Chinese endorsement agency.

The company’s expansion comes at a time when it has also expanded their reach within the social media universe. Ashley recently signed Adrian Bliss and Wootak Kim. Bliss, a comedian on TikTok, is building out his business into film and television with Settebello. Wootak Kim is the mind behind BarChemistry, a media content creator in the drinks space. Settebello is expanding Kim’s career into consumer products and e-learning.

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