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California Store Owner Craig Cope 80 Shot Armed Robber


“I’m always looking after my clients, staff, and myself. Luckily I’m here alone in this situation, so I just have to worry about that. The owner, named Craig Cope by “CBS LA,” said, ” I took care of it and that’s it.

He continued: “I used to hunt a lot when I was a kid. “I would put a meal on the table. So I can still recall things from a long time ago.

Cope told “CBS LA,” “More people should be allowed to vote, they should be voting right, and I think politicians … there’s a lot of people who don’t understand what it’s like to try and manage a small business, so I doubt it’s going to win me a lot. friend.

“When they let people out, let’s face it, we have some horrible people. There are bad people. We don’t need bad people. When this happens, it’s a horrible situation, so we need to put them Lock it up,” he added.

According to Mr. Cope, who was interviewed by “FOX11”, when the man pointed his pistol at me, he didn’t have much time to consider my options.

I refused to give him a chance. I recognize it as a semi-automatic weapon, it may have been changed to an automatic version more akin to a machine gun, but I wouldn’t let him shoot at that moment. When I glanced at them and saw them getting out of the car wearing gloves, masks, and weapons, I knew what to expect,” he continued.

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Office reported that the 23-year-old, unnamed gunman, who was seen brandishing a rifle on security footage, was later found at a local hospital “suffering gunshot wounds consistent with a shotgun explosion.”. While his condition remains serious, he is in stable condition and will be behind bars once he is released.

Three other men who were allegedly in a getaway vehicle during the attempted robbery have now been jailed and the subject of conspiracy and robbery investigations, according to police. According to media reports, Cope returned to work on Tuesday, August 2, 2022, after suffering a heart attack following the incident.


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