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Can you hold your breath? Here are the 7 Benefits Of holding your breath



Everyone had held their breath atleast once in a lifetime as a kid too you probably might have competed with your friends to see who holds breath longer, even when we walk past smelly places we hold our breathes and quickly walk past or when learning how to swim.
Now there are many benefits attached to holding your breath for some time.

1. It helps In build up of abs: this is one of the best workout for abs building, you could do you workout while holding your breath for better results.

2. Protect brain cells: research and experiments have shown that holding ones breath which leads to an increased percentage of CO2 In the body tends to protect the brain cells.

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3. Increases lung capacity: this is physically important and needed by swimmers, singers,surfers,runners etc.

4. When you hold your breath for short intervals always it increases your lifespan and health of stem cells.

5. It promotes brain tissues regeneration: research have it that practicing breathing techniques and improving breathing functions may promote the regeneration of new tissue in the brain, thus preserving the brain function.

6.It also helps to loss weight.

7.It also reduces stress and anxiety.

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