Canada Deer Being Killed By “Zombie Disease”

Canada Deer Zombie Disease 2022: Don’t know how many more serious diseases the world will have to face. As the world is still dealing with COVID-19 and its new variants, a new disease has been being spreading in Canada. We are not joking, a strange and highly communicable disease is dispersing through the deer population in Canada. Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) is a concern in at least two of the provinces of Canada- Saskatchewan- as per health experts. As per United States Centres for Disease Control (CDC), CWD is a prion disease that affects elk, deer, sika deer, moose, and reindeer. CWD is deadly to animals and there are no treatments or vaccines, it further stated. Follow More Update On

Canada Deer Zombie Disease 2022

As per Vice World News, The infection was 1st detected in the United States in the 1960s and later dispersed to Oklahoma, Nebraska, Colorado, Wisconsin, Kansas, Minnesota, South Dakota, and Montana. It has so far been discovered in 26 United States states. The first case of CWD in Canada was detected in an elk farm in Saskatchewan in the year 1966 and spread to wild deer.

How Treacherous Is It?

As per CDC, the CWD could disperse to people through the eating of infected elk or deer. This makes the hunters specifically vulnerable to the disease. They may contract the infection through improper handling of the carcass, which might lead to brain or blood matter entering the body, or through plain consumption of the flesh.

Can Humans Get Infected?

The prion protein that causes CWD does not break down and remains infectious when cooked. The CDC, though says that there is no strong proof to date for the circumstance of CWD in humans, and it is not known if individuals can get infected with CWD prions. But the health agency has asked individuals to be as safe as possible and decrease the potential risk of contracting the infection by not eating, shooting, or handling the meat of deer that look unhealthy, wearing latex of rubber gloves when dressing the animal or holding the meat and not using kitchen knives for dressing.

“Zombie Disease”

Health experts state that CWD causes the infected animal to lose control of its brain. According to the symptoms listed by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, the animals infected with CWD exhibit excess salivation, unusual behavior, weight loss, lack of coordination, and excessive urination. These outward symptoms have direct some people to refer to CWD as a “zombie disease”. Animals are often 3 to 4 years old prior to clinical signs coming up, but signs have been watched in animals as young as 15 months or as old as 13 years.

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